Our People

Our People, Bohally Intermediate School

Senior Team

Principal – Nicky Cameron-Dunn

Deputy Principals – Dan Hammond, Kerry Wilkin and Jo Sena

Associate Principal Marlborough Technology Centre – Paul Sainsbury

Our People, Bohally Intermediate School
Principal - Nicky Cameron-Dunn


2021 Classroom Teachers

Room 1 Semantha Springett

Room 2 Lucy Denniston

Room 3 Jess Rutherford

Room 4 Christianna Morgan

Room 5 Brittany Ludemann

Room 6 Kelsie Fitzpatrick

Room 8 Rowie O’Driscoll

Room 9 Sorayah Lindstrom

Room 10 Helen Adams/Susie Glover

Room 12 Wiki Chilvers

Room 13 Olivia Pinkerton

Room 14 Kate Faith

Room 15 Phillip Johnson

Room 18 Nikki Joshi

Room 19 Lindy Knowles

Room 20 Clare Crannitch

Room 21 Colleen Petaera

Room 22/7 Pera Wills

Room 23 Elliot Robinson


2020 Technology Staff

Peter Tilley, Chris Charteris, Warren Hall, Sharon Wilson, Anne Anderson, Heather Webster, Kathryn Mason, Susan Silcock, Rosie Coyle

Information Centre Manager and ESOL:

Cathy-Ann Scoon


Maureen Burrow

Kelly Hammond

ICT Support:

PC Media

Clare Crannitch


Crest Clean


Board of Trustees


Hugh Girling


Nicky Cameron-Dunn

Minute Secretary:

Maureen Burrow

Staff Trustee:

Jo Sena

Parent Trustees:

Lapu Oliver

Kellyann Thorstensen

Caroline Cornelius

Nate Bainbridge 


Teacher Aides:

Annette Woods

Rachael Climo

Harmony Hay

Heather Cresswell

Rebecca Watts

Mary-Claire Witteman

Mahina Henry-Campbell

Anneke Kersley



Dale Henderson