Library – Whare pukapuka

The Bohally Library is run by the incredible Mrs Scoon. It is a place students are able to visit during lunchtime and with their classes.

Our library is managed by Mrs Scoon who also has approximately 30 student librarians who assist her during break times and when their classes visit the library. Our library collection is wide and extremely varied as Mrs Scoon believes in catering for all students when it comes to reading. The collection caters to those interested in dyslexia friendly books, pick your own path, true stories and real stuff, sophisticated picture books, quick reads, short stories, senior fiction novels and an easily accessible non-fiction section. Book purchases are ongoing and reflect the focus of the curriculum.

Board games are available for use except on a Wednesday when Whisper Wednesday takes place. Some students love to just read and Whisper Wednesday allows them to do this.

Our library software has its own app which links to numerous databases. This is easily accessible for students to use in their learning journey and can be accessed here.