Learning Support​

Students who require further support to progress and achieve are catered for within our Learning Support programmes. These programmes provide a combination of in-class support and withdrawal for specific one-to-one support from our experienced teaching assistants.

We have a range of extra opportunities students are able to participate in including:


Toe by Toe – Toe by Toe is a synthetic phonics programme that uses repetition so that a student can learn the alphabetic sounds in English to allow easy decoding.
Students receive four 1:1 targeted sessions each week with a trained and experienced tutor.

PPP – Pause Prompt Praise. 

Pause, Prompt, Praise is a reading programme which involves peer tutors working one-to-one with students who are struggling readers. PPP has been operating at Bohally since 2014 and demand for it has grown steadily.
For readers, PPP offers increased opportunities to practise reading in a safe environment, with explicit and individualised teaching to their needs.
Peer tutors are selected for their empathy and patience, and are trained to use strategies that best support their reader. The benefits for both readers and peers who engaged with the programme were significant and students involved were very positive about the outcomes.

Some student comments are:
“She helped me to understand more words… she encourages me to read”
“I can now pronounce hard words properly and understand them”


At Bohally we combine skills teaching with a problem-based approach to ensure your child is provided with a range of Mathematical learning. We also use Maths Buddy to complement teaching programmes, this is used in both class programmes and as home learning support. Extension opportunities in maths are provided through maths badges and for some students the Otago Problem Challenge.

Social and Emotional Support and Development

Garden Group 

This is a hands on programme with students involved in all aspects. Students learn how to grow and care for plants, as you would in your own backyard. The students often get to sample the fruit and vegetables they grow at school, which they love!
Mr Edwards kindly gives up his time to come in and assist Mrs Woods with this programme.

Wellness Clinic

Every Friday, at morning tea, we are lucky to provide our students with access to a public health nurse. They are available to give our students counselling and health advice.
Below is a poster that was made by a couple of our students to advertise the Wellness Clinic.

Outside Support

We also cater for a Learning Support tutor and Speld tutors who come in and use our facilities to provide one on one support for students.

We have a close relationship with Resource Teachers for Learning and Behaviour (RTLBs). They help guide teachers with strategies and with resources for students with learning difficulties. 

Please view Speld Website for support in learning.