Extension Programmes

Bohally offers a range of learning experiences designed to extend those learners who demonstrate high levels of capability in various curriculum areas. As well as in class extension programmes, Bohally offers academic challenges such as science and maths badges, extension in sport through inter school competitions and future problem solving for a selected group of students.
Future problem solving is an international extension programme which Bohally has been involved in for many years. Students meet every week for one period, working in a team, learning the steps and processes involved in Future Poblem Solving. Each student works in a team of 4-5 to complete an extensive booklet, involving 6 steps which solve a problem set at least fifty years into the future. All stutents receive extensive readings and research about the topics.

Streamed Mathematics is a programme where students are placed in classes with other students working at the same level.
Student's are streamed based on a variety of assessment data gathered during the first weeks of the year.Student's may move in and out of their streamed mathematics classes throughout the year depending on their development, the strands of the curriculum being focussed on and the results of ongoing assessment.

Students are also able to complete Science and Maths bagdes which are an extra option available.
Here is a link for the Maths badge information www.maths.org.nz
Here is a link for the Science badge information http://www.sciencebadges.co.nz/html/badges.html