A variety of 'Lunchtime Clubs' are offered throughout the year. A club will run once per week during lunchtime and may extend throughout the year or for a 6 week block depending on the nature of the club and other events happening in the school at the same time. 

These may include Swimming, Scootering/Skateboarding, Touch Rugby, Home Learning, Indoor Bowls, Table Tennis, Dance, Media Studies, Environmental Action and Theatresports to name a few. 

Lunchtime clubs are an additional opportunity for students to be actively engaged and challenged to maximise their potential.

Adventure Week

Adventure Week is a week dedicated to Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC).  A variety of experiences are designed to challenge and extend students within alternative learning environments. This is part of the curriculum therefore it is expected that all students will participate.

This year Adventure Week takes place from Tuesday 6th Dec - Friday 9th Dec with Monday 5th being a planning/prep day for all students and staff involved.

Students have the choice out of the following Adventures:

  • River, Land and Sea
  • Centre Stage
  • Bridge Valley
  • Tasman Mountain Biking Madness
  • Tramping the Abel Tasman Track
  • Super Stadium Fun
  • Exploring Marlborough Sounds

Culture and Identity

Te Aroha o te Whanau

In 2017 we will again offer the opportunity for interested students to take part in an extension Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga class called Kaiarahi Reo.  Students wishing to take up this challenge will focus on increasing their te reo Māori across all areas of the curriculum and their knowledge and use of tikanga and Māori culture.  Joining Kaiarahi Reo is a significant commitment. Information about Kaiarahi Reo will be sent home to all students during Term 1.

Members of the Kaiarahi Reo class are also in the Kapa Haka group who perform both in school and at events in the wider community.

Here are a few photos of students enjoying a boilup they cooked.

Student Leadership Team

We value student voice at Bohally Intermediate and encourage students to share their aspirations for, and be involved in, the running of the school.

Two students from each class are elected by their peers to represent their interests on the School Student Leadership Team.

It is through this body that the students have the opportunity to have a say in the running of their school. This includes running mufti days, school dances, Y8 end of year dance, initiatives around the school, public addresses, organising and running Leadership camps and other leadership opportunities outside of Marlborough, for example NYLD (National Young Leaders Day).

Students help run the school office at interval and lunchtime and they also run our daily breakfast club.

The student leadership attend a Leadership Retreat based on the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Adolescents by Stephen Covey’s son and the National Young Leaders day.

Learning Support

Students who require further support to progress and achieve are catered for within our Learning Support programmes. 

We have a range of extra opportunities students are able to participate in including:
Toe by Toe
PPP - Pause Prompt Praise
Garden Group - Social and emotional support amd development

These programmes provide a combination of in-class support and withdrawal for specific one-to-one support from our experienced teacher assistants.

ESOL is a programme provided by Bohally in conjunction with the MoE to ensure students from various ethnic backgrounds are catered for. Here are some photos of our happy ESOL group.

Extension Programmes

Bohally offers a range of learning experiences designed to extend those learners who demonstrate high levels of capability in various curriculum areas. As well as in class extension programmes, Bohally offers academic challenges such as science and maths badges, extension in sport through inter school competitions and future problem solving for a selected group of students.
Future problem solving is an international extension programme which Bohally has been involved in for many years. Students meet every week for one period, working in a team, learning the steps and processes involved in Future Poblem Solving. Each student works in a team of 4-5 to complete an extensive booklet, involving 6 steps which solve a problem set at least fifty years into the future. All stutents receive extensive readings and research about the topics.

Streamed Mathematics is a programme where students are placed in classes with other students working at the same level.
Student's are streamed based on a variety of assessment data gathered during the first weeks of the year.Student's may move in and out of their streamed mathematics classes throughout the year depending on their development, the strands of the curriculum being focussed on and the results of ongoing assessment.

Students are also able to complete Science and Maths bagdes which are an extra option available.
Here is a link for the Maths badge information
Here is a link for the Science badge information


The Arts

Music and the Performing Arts

The Bohally Rock band and Choir supplement an integrated classroom programme. The Marlborough School of Music offers an effective 'out of school hours' music and orchestral programme is part of our curriculum. The fee is $25 per term plus the cost of the music book (approx $32.00). The lessons include written theory as well as practical playing and the tutors can cater for students with electronic keyboards as well as those that have pianos. Information is provided to parents early in Term 1.

Opportunities for drama and dance are provided through school productions, Block Courses, Academies and external competitions such as the Smokefree Stage Challenge.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts are integrated across the curriculum with opportunities for student's to be extended through our Art Adventure Week, Art Attack and Academies programme.



Literacy in English gives students access to the understanding, knowledge, and skills they need to participate fully in the social, cultural, political, and economic life of New Zealand and the wider world. To be successful participants, they need to be effective oral, written, and visual communicators (NZC). English is structured around two strands:

  • making meaning- listening, reading, and viewing, and
  • creating meaning- speaking, writing, and presenting.

English is linked to our integrated curriculum through context related texts, experiences and resources. Students work in groups within their class as they develop skills, strategies and understandings which enable them to maximize their potential as readers and writers. Regular assessment ensures individual needs are met through support and extension. Students are encouraged to make full use of our school library and learn information literacy skills as part of the library and literacy programme.


Teachers are following the Ministry of Education Numeracy Project where students learn core number knowledge and strategies in their home room. Strand mathematics is also taught, including geometry, statistics, measurement and problem solving. Students who have special needs or abilities are specifically catered for. Assessment is carried out regularly and programmes are reviewed to ensure that the needs of learners are met and groups are adjusted accordingly.


Science is part of our integrated curriculum. Our programmes include 'science rotations' where your child's class will work with other teachers within their year group allowing for many different investigations to be covered. As part of our science programme students are encouraged to take part in the Bohally Science and Technology Fair and enter projects for inclusion in Marlborough and Technology Science Fair.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Students for whom English is a second or third language are assessed and tailored interventions are provided to support their development.