Literacy and Numeracy


Literacy in English gives students access to the understanding, knowledge, and skills they need to participate fully in the social, cultural, political, and economic life of New Zealand and the wider world. To be successful participants, they need to be effective oral, written, and visual communicators (NZC). English is structured around two strands:

  • making meaning- listening, reading, and viewing, and
  • creating meaning- speaking, writing, and presenting.

English is linked to our integrated curriculum through context related texts, experiences and resources. Students work in groups within their class as they develop skills, strategies and understandings which enable them to maximize their potential as readers and writers. Regular assessment ensures individual needs are met through support and extension. Students are encouraged to make full use of our school library and learn information literacy skills as part of the library and literacy programme.


Maths at Bohally is taught in streamed classes with a major focus on number knowledge and strategies. Strand mathematics is also taught, including geometry, statistics, measurement and problem solving. In home room's once a fortnight there is a focused lesson on financial literacy skills.

Here are some fun Maths photos from Room 1