BIS Integrated Inquiry Learning

The Bohally Curriculum has at its core the following aims:

  • To improve student engagement, collaboration and achievement through student led inquiry and well-planned, relevant, authentic learning tasks which link to local, national and global communities, contexts and people;
  • To develop student understanding of big ideas and the inherent concepts;
  • To enable students to develop Key Competencies in a range of settings;
  • To improve students ability to think creatively, critically and metagcognitively with a basis in the Philosophy Programme;
  • To encourage participation in a variety of authentic, meaningful tasks including the use of Digital Technologies.

Inquiry Learning at Bohally enables students to:

  • Take ownership for their own learning within authentic contexts;
  • Start with engagement and exploration;
  • Question and investigate specific questions, issues, problems or ideas;

 It involves:

  • Asking questions, gathering and analysing information, generating solutions, making decisions, justifying conclusions and taking action.


  • A flexible learning that involves revisiting steps of the inquiry process within an authentic context.
  • A carefully scaffolded learning environment which is responsive to individual needs and teaches inquiry skills







W- What do you think you know?

O- Organize thinking and questions

N- what Needs to be known?

D- Define ideas, concepts and sub topics

E- Engage and explore assumptions

R- Review prior knowledge-what do you now

     need to know?






Finding Out:

Define keywords, write the search question/s, choose appropriate resource


Sorting Out:

Validate, forming conclusions- assess and review







So what do we know about this?


Evaluating and Reflecting:

So what does this mean for us?

What more do we need to learn?

Now what might be done about it?

What action could be taken?