General Information A-Z


Contact us before 8.30am on the first morning of your child's absence. As part of our safety policy, office staff will ring absent student's homes or, where necessary, emergency contact numbers, unless we have already had a note or phone call. It is important that we have up to date contact details at all times. Please advise the school if any of your child's details change.

In case of absence contact the school:

Phone: 578 5219
Text: 0274 272 072
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: 577 2439


We believe in celebrating success and learning at assemblies. Full school and year group assemblies occur regularly and we welcome parents/caregivers to attend. Special assemblies are advertised in the newsletter. Prize giving assemblies are held at the end of the year.

Bicycles and Scooters

Students who choose to ride to school are expected to obey the Road Code. A secure compound is available for students to park their bikes and scooters during the school day. Students must wheel bikes and scooters in the school grounds.


Students who live more than 4.8 kms from Bohally Intermediate are eligible to use the bus service and will be issued with a bus pass once the Bohally Intermediate Bus Travel Application form has been accepted and a bus pass has been issued. We expect our students to behave in a safe and considerate manner on the buses and at bus stops. If a student does not behave appropriately on, or whilst waiting for, a bus we reserve the right to remove the privilege of traveling to and from school by bus.

For information on eligibility to travel on a bus and bus routes see the Bohally Intermediate School Bus Information letter. For further information regarding routes and eligibility please contact Ritchies Bus Company on 578 5467. Detailed information regarding bus travel is available on the Ministry of Education website.


The canteen is open for students to purchase food during interval and lunch. The menu varies from season to season and as new products become available. It is advisable that students complete an order form before school for both interval and lunch. Orders are delivered to class by the beginning of morning interval and lunch break.


During the year there are a variety of lunchtime clubs students may elect to participate in. These include: Music, Star Dance, Theatre Sports, Movie Review, Home Learning, Table Tennis and Art.


Each class is equipped with desktop computers, iPads, Chromebooks and interactive whiteboards/projectors. A computer suite adjacent to the library is available for classes to visit. Digital learning opportunities are integrated across the curriculum. All students have access to a range of equipment. Students are not allowed to use classroom computers without a teacher present. A Cyber Safety Agreement must be signed by both the caregiver and student on enrolment.
Students are encouraged to bring their own devices to school for their personal use which need to be registered on our device management system.

Damage to School Property

The Board of Trustees expects parents of students who are responsible for careless or deliberate damage to school property to pay for repairs.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Service is situated at the corner of Nelson and McLauchlan Streets. Clinic staff contact parents/caregivers and confirm appointments. Students must be accompanied by their parents/caregivers and returned to Bohally Intermediate afterwards. Students may not walk independently from Bohally Intermediate to the clinic. Contact the Dental Service for further information Ph: 520 9922.

Education Outside the Classroom

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) enriches learning through real life, authentic experiences. All students are expected to take part in EOTC experiences such as Adventure Week and class excursions. Permission for trips within 2km from Bohally Intermediate is obtained at the beginning of the year.


Literacy in English gives students access to the understanding, knowledge, and skills they need to participate fully in the social, cultural, political, and economic life of New Zealand and the wider world. To be successful participants, they need to be effective oral, written, and visual communicators (NZC). English is structured around two strands:

  • making meaning- listening, reading, and viewing, and
  • creating meaning- speaking, writing, and presenting.

English is linked to our integrated curriculum through context related texts, experiences and resources. Students work in groups within their class as they develop skills, strategies and understandings which enable them to maximize their potential as readers and writers. Regular assessment ensures individual needs are met through support and extension. Students are encouraged to make full use of our school library and learn information literacy skills as part of the library and literacy programme.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Students for whom English is a second or third language are assessed and tailored interventions are provided to support their development.


The health curriculum at intermediate level deals with social issues surrounding peer pressure, self-esteem, puberty, drug education, dealing with stress, maintaining a healthy body system and keeping yourself safe. Information will be sent home prior to students taking part in programmes. We are only too pleased to answer parental enquiries about the programme.

Home Learning

Each student has a Home Learning book. Regular home learning has value in consolidating work done at school, developing sound independent work habits and provides the opportunity for students to share their learning with you. There is difficulty in fixing an exact duration because of different work rates. However, as a guide, 30 – 45 minutes per school night would be expected. There is an expectation that spelling, basic facts and reading are done every weeknight.

Leaving the School Grounds

Students are only allowed to leave the school grounds during the day if written permission is given by their parents/caregivers. Lunch Passes are also only given upon written request from parents/caregivers. All students need to sign out at the school office.

Lost Property

It is expected that all uniform items are named. Lost property is kept for inspection by students and parent/caregivers. If the clothing can be identified, it can be reclaimed.


Teachers are following the Ministry of Education Numeracy Project where students learn core number knowledge and strategies in their home room. Strand mathematics is also taught, including geometry, statistics, measurement and problem solving. Students who have special needs or abilities are specifically catered for. Assessment is carried out regularly and programmes are reviewed to ensure that the needs of learners are met and groups are adjusted accordingly.

Medical Attention

It is important that relevant medical details are listed on the Enrolment Form and that the school office is advised of any changes or treatment requirements while students are at Bohally Intermediate. Should a student become unwell at school, parents will be contacted and asked to come and collect their child.

Parents should understand that if we are unable to contact them in an emergency, we will arrange for appropriate treatment for which they may have to pay.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are required to be handed in to the school office when they are brought to school as outlined in the Electronic Communication and Digital Learning Consent form.


The Marlborough School of Music offers an effective 'out of school hours' music and orchestral programme is part of our curriculum. The fee is $25 per term plus the cost of the music book (approx $32.00).The lessons include written theory as well as practical playing and the tutors can cater for students with electronic keyboards as well as those that have pianos. Information is provided to parents early in Term 1.

Public Health

A Wellness Clinic is run by the Public Health Nurse every Friday. Students may visit without appointment to discuss any health related issues that they may have. Parents/caregivers may contact the school to seek advice or guidance from the Public Health Nurse.

Personal Items - Valuables/Money

Valuable articles, MP3 players and electronic games must not be brought to school. Where money and valuables are necessary, they remain the responsibility of the student concerned and should be handed in for safe keeping. In a school there always exists the possibility that items of property will be lost or go missing and the school cannot accept responsibility for them.

Physical Education

Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum and the participation in all aspects of it benefits students in their ability to understand games, work cooperatively, develop skills and increase their energy levels through improved fitness. It is expected that students wear their PE uniform for all lessons and games. No uniform, no participation.

Reporting to Parents

An opportunity to meet your child's teacher occurs early in Term 1 during our Parent-Teacher Evening where learning, behaviour and home learning expectations are outlined to parents.

Each term students complete a Goal Sheet where they review the knowledge, skills and understandings they have in Reading, Writing, Maths and the Key Competencies and set goals which focus on the areas they need to work on.

Three Way Conferences (parent/student/teacher) are conducted early in Term 2 and Student-Led Conferences are held in Term 3.

A Learning Portfolio of each student's work is sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4 providing you with a cumulative record of learning, progress and achievement. A written report is provided at the end of the year. Parents are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their child's teacher. Our open door policy supports your active involvement in your child's learning.

Safety Issues-General

The school accepts responsibility for students inside the school grounds between the hours of 8-30 a.m. and 3-15 p.m. on days that it is open for tuition.

Students may not enter the school grounds before the 8.30am bell rings. However, there are various incidental activities which occur during a school day which have safety implications, e.g. use of the internet, participation in various local trips and activities. Whenever your student is involved in a major trip or event that involves travel out of the local area, your permission for participation will be sought.

Safety Issues - Technology Centre

The safety of students is very important during practical classes.

Students are not permitted to work in the Centre without covered shoes. Shoes must cover all of the foot up to the ankle. Leather lace up school shoes are the most suitable. Long hair must be tied back. No chains or rings should be worn.

School App

This is our main tool for communicating information to caregivers, especially during emergency situations.

Please go to the App store on your Apple or Android Device and search for Bohally Intermediate to download the school App onto your phone or tablet. The App is a fantasic tool for communication.


Opportunities are provided for students to participate in social evenings throughout the year. All students will be involved in dance block course experiencing a range of dance styles.


During the year, sports trips, and whole school participation in gymnastics, athletics, fun run, triathlon and swimming ensure plenty of physical activity for all students. The school has a variety of teams involved in local sports competitions. We participate in the annual winter sports tournament held in Nelson.

There are opportunities for involvement in cultural activities such as choir, kapahaka, speech competitions, theatre sports, dance and drama during the year.


Bohally Intermediate does not have a Stationery Shop. Blenheim Paper Plus will carry all required stationery items needed and will supply at 'Back to School' prices. We encourage parents/caregivers to support Blenheim Paper Plus as their prices are competitive and they provide incentive awards to us which we can utilize with students throughout the school year. A full stationery list is included in enrolment information. Students are expected to bring the required stationery to school on the first day of the school year.

Student Leadership Team

We value student voice at Bohally Intermediate and encourage students to share their aspirations for, and be involved in, the running of the school. Two students from each class are elected by their class to represent their interests on the Student Leadership Council.

It is through this body that the students have the opportunity to have a say in the running of their school. The Leadership Council are elected by their peers and the staff and these students carry out various leadership roles and responsibilities during the year. The School Council also engage in an intensive Leadership Development Course every year.

Support Services

The Public Health Nurse, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour, Truancy Officer, Police Youth Aid Officer, Social Workers and Psychologists are some of the people who work with the school and home in matters concerning student progress and welfare. Contact the Principal for further information.

Swimming Pool

Bohally Intermediate is fortunate to have an excellent 25m swimming pool. Our pool used extensively in Term 1 when every class has sessions with a professional swim coach who provides stroke development lessons. All students are expected to take part and it is essential that students have their swimming costumes at each lesson.

Telephone Use

Students are not permitted to use the telephone except in cases of a real emergency. As the school is classified as a business, we are charged for all local calls at the peak rate and it is for this reason we do not allow students to telephone home for trivial reasons.


A condition of enrolment at Bohally Intermediate is that the full official school uniform is worn at all times.

Students at Bohally Intermediate are proud of their uniform. A school uniform fosters a sense of identity and pride in students. It ensures a consistently high standard of dress is worn by students throughout the day and provides a cost effective and practical dress code.

When an unforeseen situation arises and a student must be out of uniform for a day, a uniform pass is provided by the Principal or Deputy Principal on receipt of a note from home. Should a student be constantly out of uniform, the Principal will request the student be kept at home until the situation is rectified. The school endeavors to maintain a supply of good quality second hand uniform so that finance is not an issue.

All clothing, footwear and property must be clearly and indelibly labeled. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of unnamed items.

Physical Education and Sport Uniforms

Students must wear the correct PE uniform available solely through Postie Plus. Correct PE clothing is essential for free body movement and hygiene reasons. A requirement of being in a school team is that students wear the correct uniform.

School Shoes

Only plain black 'leather type' lace up shoes are considered to be Bohally Intermediate uniform shoes. Ministry of Education guidelines for attendance at Technology classes has meant that shoes such as t-bars, scuffs and sneakers cannot be part of our uniform.



During Terms 1 & 4 students have the option of wearing plain navy or black sandals that have a heel strap. On Technology days black lace up shoes must be worn.


Navy blue hats are part of the Bohally Intermediate uniform. Students are encouraged to be 'sun smart' and this includes wearing a hat during Term 1 and 4. There are a variety of plain navy blue sun hats or caps available through our school uniform provider. During winter a plain navy blue hat can be worn. Wearing caps backwards or hats indoors is not considered appropriate.

Boys' Uniform

Bohally Intermediate Navy Polarfleece
Bohally Intermediate Navy Polo Shirt
Navy long-sleeved merino/thermal top
Grey school style shorts
Blue socks - ¾ length with yellow bank at top

Winter Options:

Bohally Intermediate track pants
Plain navy hat
Plain navy scarf


Black lace-up leather school shoes
Term 1 & 4 Black or Navy sandals

P E Uniform:

Bohally Intermediate PE top
Bohally Intermediate PE shorts
Gym shoes – trainers or similar (optional)
White sports socks
Swim Costume - swim shorts (above the knee) and rash top (optional)

Girls' Uniform

Bohally Intermediate Navy Polarfleece
Bohally Intermediate Navy Polo Shirt
Navy long-sleeved merino/thermal top
Bohally Intermediate Skirt
White ankle socks

Winter Options:

Navy over the knee socks or tights
Bohally Intermediate trackpants
Plain navy hat
Plain navy scarf


Black lace-up leather school shoes
Term 1 & 4 Navy/Black sandals


P E Uniform:

Bohally Intermediate PE top
Bohally Intermediate PE shorts
Gym shoes – trainers or similar (optional)
White sports socks
Swim Costume - one piece only and rash top (optional)

Te Aroha o te Kura

Te Aroha o te Kura is an extension Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga class that currently runs for the equivalent of 1 day per week.  Students wishing to take up this challenge will focus on increasing their Māori language across all areas of the curriculum and their knowledge and use of tikanga and Māori culture. Information about how to apply to participate in this class is sent homw in Term 1.