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Welcome to Bohally Intermediate School

Principal's Welcome

Bohally Intermediate is a vibrant school dedicated to developing and challenging the learner in a safe and supportive environment. Emerging adolescence is a vital stage in your child’s development. It is a time of significant growth socially, physically, morally and intellectually.  

The structure and philosophy of intermediate schooling enables Bohally Intermediate to combine the best of the primary education experience while also providing an environment that will equip your child for a successful transition into secondary schooling. Bohally Intermediate is a learning environment that is tailor-made to meet the needs of the emerging adolescent whilst also preparing your child to face the future with courage and confidence.

Vision and Culture

Statement of Purpose

Bohally Intermediate delivers quality learning programmes that promote life-long inquiry and enable students to maximise their potential to participate in diverse communities equipped with competencies for the 21st century.

Our Values

Integrity – knowing what is right and living it.

Community – working together in creative collaboration while meeting our responsibilities to ourselves and others.

Inquiry – lifelong learning through questioning and exploring.

Our Expectations

We Respect our community and ourselves
We are Responsible for our actions
We are always Ready to learn

Powerful Learning at Bohally

In the diagram below, Our Vision, 'Maximising Potential', is the central hub, surrounded by the Core Beliefs we hold about Powerful Learning.  The outer ring represents the Principles that express these beliefs.
The Vision, Values, Beliefs and Principles are further represented by specific practices that we believe to be the actions that will lead to deeper realisation of our Vision.

Bohally Vision Target